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The Test blogs for each of these designs can be viewed by clicking on the image on by clicking on the link below the image.

Purple Buds
Click on the image to visit the Test Blog
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Biker Chick
Click on the image to visit the Test Blog
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Big City
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Flower Child
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Anonymous Superunknown says:

Hey thats cool site. Can you post up a 3 column template ? That would be great.


21 qershor 2007 në 7:54 e pasdites 

Blogger Rajeev says:

Hey I checked the third template!
The "put your tag line here" doesn't change! It remains in the template! it shows as put your tag line here itself!

peace & love

21 qershor 2007 në 10:04 e pasdites 

Blogger Rajeev says:

And also it doesn't show ur about me there!
It shows the same thing as in the preview!
we have to edit it and enter the about me manually! :)

peace & love

21 qershor 2007 në 10:09 e pasdites 

Blogger Michelle says:

u rocckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

23 qershor 2007 në 10:58 e pasdites 

Blogger ablondeblogger says:

Wow! You are VERY talented!!!

24 qershor 2007 në 8:51 e paradites 

Blogger alok says:

Hey, all those templates are really cool. I love the ‘Big City’ template…

Good Job & really nice way of sparing time.

Keep it up ...

24 qershor 2007 në 2:37 e pasdites 

Blogger curryegg says:

Cool lemonade! I just gotta know your latest website!
Ohhh... congratulation! I love this and wish to find a new template now!

24 qershor 2007 në 8:02 e pasdites 

Blogger sukanya says:

Omg!! SO awesome!!!!!!!

25 qershor 2007 në 1:25 e pasdites 

Anonymous Ish says:

Good lord, you're amazing.

25 qershor 2007 në 3:11 e pasdites 

Blogger cookie_dough says:

this is amazing! I dont understand how you do it, but your really realy good!!

5 korrik 2007 në 3:05 e paradites 

Blogger shayeri says:

you go girl!
they're the best!

6 korrik 2007 në 12:15 e pasdites 

Blogger MeMyself_n_I says:

wow!!!!! they're awesome templates!!! you've got some serious talent! i especially like the big city one. when do u plan on putting some more up?

9 korrik 2007 në 12:06 e pasdites 

Blogger ♥Lil'_Ms_Outspoken♥ says:

I like this template...



12 korrik 2007 në 9:57 e pasdites 

Anonymous unica_hija77 says:

Hi Aleisha, great site. About your blog review request, there's quite a waiting list but we'll let you know when your review comes on. Meantime, just scroll around beratemyblog reviews for helpful hints. Thanks for dropping by!

19 korrik 2007 në 9:35 e pasdites 

Blogger Tathiana Sobroza says:

Awesome templates!
Very creative way to show your good work!
I want to get one for me but it seems that I won't be able to change the title...

22 korrik 2007 në 8:45 e pasdites 

Blogger wacko says:

wow..some amazin blogger templates!
do you make some guys stuff too as in anything...maybe rock or hip hop...i would love to flaunt one made by you...that is if you really would wanna make one for me!


22 gusht 2007 në 6:06 e paradites 

Blogger Pro Blog Reviews says:

Very Nice work! I just reviewed this blog if you would like to stop in and check it out.

26 shtator 2007 në 2:28 e paradites 

Blogger Shy Machete says:

Hello foo! I missed ya! :-)

18 tetor 2007 në 9:40 e paradites 

Blogger Mydh says:

rad designs! way to go girl! what do you use?

19 tetor 2007 në 9:44 e pasdites 

Anonymous OnlinePharmacy says:

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26 tetor 2007 në 1:48 e pasdites 

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Anonymous  says:

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27 tetor 2007 në 1:07 e paradites 

Anonymous name says:

Good job!

28 tetor 2007 në 12:45 e paradites 

Anonymous bone date harmony n thug tour says:

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

28 tetor 2007 në 1:34 e paradites 

Anonymous christmas escorted tour says:

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

28 tetor 2007 në 8:12 e pasdites 

Blogger Bharathy says:

I had been in my sister Nag's site recently to find the catchy well designed template of hers!!Awesome..she has been talking a little more abt you lately..
would be nice if you guide me where to grab a 3 column template for my food blog...spicy looking out for a trendy one..

29 tetor 2007 në 9:19 e pasdites 

Anonymous usda rural development loa says:

Good job!

30 tetor 2007 në 11:44 e paradites 

Anonymous ringtones says:


30 tetor 2007 në 2:58 e pasdites 

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30 tetor 2007 në 6:50 e pasdites 

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1 nëntor 2007 në 12:30 e paradites 

Blogger P.R.E.E.T.I says:

i hv SOOOOO gta have one of tis...have mailed u :)

2 nëntor 2007 në 12:45 e pasdites 

Blogger The Anonymous says:

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

3 nëntor 2007 në 11:13 e pasdites 

Blogger Project 71 says:

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Blogger love bites says:


Do you still want to be reviewed? Let us know!

6 dhjetor 2007 në 1:21 e paradites 

Anonymous RAINE says:

Thanks SO Much!!'
i love the blogskin that u made for me. Great job~!

18 janar 2008 në 6:06 e pasdites 

Blogger tommie says:

saw your review at "Ask ..."

These are amazing!

24 janar 2008 në 9:37 e paradites 

Blogger Renie says:

Lemonade! Thanks for your registration with IndiBlogger. Love your blog and your design work - good stuff!

24 janar 2008 në 10:04 e pasdites 

Anonymous Myeyeisonyou says:

your layouts look nice

8 shkurt 2008 në 3:46 e paradites 

Blogger SaPr: Snivellus says:

That's really cool! OMG/ LUV THEM. Hey, can you do a Twilight by Stephenie Meyer layout with 2 or 3 columns?

17 shkurt 2008 në 10:53 e pasdites 

Blogger Deranged says:

hey im nnew to the blogosphere..
but ur work is awesome..
really! keep it up

21 shkurt 2008 në 1:31 e paradites 

Anonymous asiah epperson says:

my goodness your templates are awesome! You definitely have the talent. good job!

24 shkurt 2008 në 9:10 e pasdites 

Blogger Swati Dwivedi says:

nice templates!!! keep it up...

4 mars 2008 në 11:19 e paradites 

Blogger e s t a n c u s says:

Heyya sweet lemonade.. i was in a dilemma because i wanted to try to make my own templates, but i just didn't know how to. =(

Until i found 'you'...

haha.. your blog designs are greaat! They're an inspiration to me! And thefact that your're only 18 (at the time) and you could achieve this, it encourages me to go the extra mile!

I was wondering, if it was possible, minding the distance across the seas, that you could teach me how to create a blog template? oh, even with 1/4 of your knowledge, i would be floating! lolx

thanks a bunch! this blog just made my day!

1 maj 2008 në 9:35 e pasdites 

Blogger Skittles_x says:

I love the layouts <3

Shaikha : )

26 gusht 2008 në 10:16 e pasdites 

Blogger phoenix says:

wow thanks a ton for helping us all out...

this is one helluva cool site :)

19 tetor 2008 në 10:40 e paradites 

Anonymous Ankur ! says:

U Rock.. u r jus d best.. It so damn cool :)

22 tetor 2008 në 11:05 e paradites 

Blogger Meira says:

Saw the template at Nags...your work's pretty good.
Keep it up :)

19 nëntor 2008 në 5:17 e pasdites 

Blogger Brinda Krishnan says:

wow u really are good at it. :D

24 nëntor 2008 në 9:43 e paradites 

Anonymous kaymie says:

this is great...may i borrow? :)

9 prill 2009 në 11:34 e paradites 

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