Templates for free...??? Are you for real..?
Yes I am..and yes they are for free. Absolutely free..turns out that I actually am more generous than i thought i was. All i ask is that you keep the link back to me on the template even if u make your own changes to it.Its the least you could do.

Will you make me a custom template..??
Yes..since I am more than jobless for the next two months..I am offering custom templates for almost anyone who asks. I say almost anyone because I reserve the right to not help anyone who is mean or rude or pesters me to the point where I want to pull all of my hair out.

How do i download the templates?
Clicking on the download link below the picture of the template will take you to an esnips page which will have the download link.Download the zip file onto your computer and use the template.

Why do the templates look crappy on some browsers?
Can you see the screen shots of the templates..? Thats exactly the way its supposed to look on the screen..if there is any extra space or if the graphics are wonky, try changing the resolution of your computer.These templates are only tested at 1024x768 resolution and they are best viewed on firefox. So if you don't have firefox, go get it (its free) because it just happens to be the best browser around.

Do you make your own illustrations..?
No I dont..I'm not that talented..but I do a pretty good job at illustration manipulation. The link to the original illustrator is already under the 'credits' header in the sidebar so be sure not to remove it.

Will you change the header to my blog name..?

Yes..that can be done..just send me a mail at lemonadedesigns@gmail.com telling me the name of your blog,the tag line and the template that you downloaded and i will put it into the header and send you the image.

How long do i have to wait for a custom template?
From the minute you send in a request, you'll probably have to wait atleast about a week or a week and half. Unless you're really lucky will you get in under 5 days (this is only if my I'm completely free with nothing else to do..! )

Are these templates only for blogger?
Yes these templates are BLOGGER templates and no they cannot be used for any other blogging platform such as wordpress or typepad. But if you want,I'd be more than happy to make you a custom header for your wordpress blog which you will have to insert yourself because I don't know jack shit of wordpress coding.

Can these templates be used on new blogger?
Yes they can be used on new blogger but you will have to revert to classic template.

I want a few more customized sidebar headers,will you make them for me?
Yes, I will make more sidebar headers for you,but you will have to host them yourself on a hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack. I will tell you how to do it though, because I'm awesome like that :)

I love this image, will you put it into a header for me..?
Yes,If I'm making you a custom template...It'll be alot easier if you could send me a few images you like, or tell me about a color scheme you had in mind or send me links to a few blogs or websites whose designs you love because this will make the process a lot more easier since I'll have an idea about what exactly you're looking for in a template.

I am more than happy with my template, but could you just design a header for me?
Yes..I'll design a header for you.

I'm having major html trouble, could you help me?
Trust me,I'm a newbie to the mind boggling world of html, so its a big possibly that I probably will have no clue about what you're talking about, but I will try to help you.

Any other Questions..?? Mail me at lemonadedesigns@gmail.com. I promise I'll try to reply to every single email.

Blogger confessing7girl says:

oh my god u r the best everrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 qershor 2007 në 4:02 e paradites 

Blogger shayeri says:

i love the template to this too!
anyway you've spent a lot of time on this haven't you? you are more than dedicated to all this.

i love it!

25 qershor 2007 në 9:53 e paradites 

Blogger writersbloc says:


agrees with the first post

2 korrik 2007 në 7:30 e pasdites 

Anonymous Michelle says:

Hi there! I am looking for Wordpress header that would fit my blog. I am looking for something like a woman blogging or a mom blogging or something like that. I really like illustrations and not photos. Your website is really cool and if you have the time, I hope you can help me or direct me somewhere to get help. thanks.

3 gusht 2007 në 3:12 e paradites 

Blogger lemonade says:

hey michelle!
i'd love to help you!
mail me!

3 gusht 2007 në 3:16 e paradites 

Blogger Madhavi says:

Hey Lemon...
Liked ur blogpges cn u provide me with one if u can it really looks so sweet yet stylish

24 gusht 2007 në 8:37 e pasdites 

Blogger Jocelyn says:

wow, i never thought i could find a site like yours--free template! you are heaven-sent to me! :) I just sent you an email..for my site:


thanks a lot! :)

1 shtator 2007 në 6:32 e pasdites 

Anonymous Anonim says:

There aint any link below the picture of the templates...:(
How do I download?

26 tetor 2007 në 3:23 e pasdites 

Anonymous jess says:

Hey lemon...
I know this is probably a stupid question but then again Im 11 and new to blogging so... How do you get a blog template onto your actual. Im not sure if that makes sense. By the way this blog is amazing!

20 dhjetor 2007 në 5:15 e paradites 

Blogger Eni says:

real generous person.
a good way to publicise yourself aswell

keep it up

2 janar 2008 në 8:07 e pasdites 

Blogger aks_minx says:

i read in reader's digest bout dis teenage gal who became a millionare by doin similar stuff.... you're next in line!! veryy hott stuff...

hope i get one too ;)

22 mars 2008 në 6:58 e pasdites 

Blogger Santosh Puthran says:

I am blogging about Management Accounting with target audience of accountants around the world. Do you have any blogger templates for a serious blog. My blog is http://managementaccountant.blogspot.com

6 prill 2008 në 3:45 e pasdites 

Blogger sariahbernadas says:

Hi lemonade!I love your templates!will you make one for me?
if you`re willing, can you make me a template that is just like hers: http://paulaislove.blogspot.com/
thank you so much.

13 tetor 2008 në 4:05 e paradites 

Anonymous Anonim says:

OMG u r just spilling lemon all over the blogosphere...
just love ur FRESH approach

14 tetor 2008 në 1:00 e paradites 

Blogger Anti-Supermom says:

Seriously, are you for real? Real, honest-to-goodness, lemonade?

Custom bloggy help would be loved! Can you reply back to this comment when you have time?

Thanks so much,

19 dhjetor 2009 në 3:14 e paradites 

Anonymous Anonim says:

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